Investor Relations

KSSI strongly believes and can objectively prove that the key differentiators we are working on building over the coming years will enable KSSI to take a commanding position in the Global Market as The Provider of Innovative Solutions and will drive the business to becoming a ~8M USD EBITDA positive company within 3 years. 

The timeline can be accelerated with earlier investment and provide KSSI and it's early stage investors the opportunity to  take  a prime position as the only solution provider to offer and deliver the KSSI NaaS, this will become the norm over time as  this is the logical next step for Telecom operators around the world. KSSI are seeking investors to enable KSSI to offer packages to acquire the highest calibre, certified and accredited technical talent, plus the possibility for KSSI to increase the use of social media and direct marketing of the NaaS Solution.

KSSI has a strong and industry respected management team with proven track record that is small enough to be agile and truly customer focused, combined with outstanding technical expertise that will develop technological advances and associated market developments ahead of the competition. The time to establish, build and market a truly innovative set of solutions is now and KSSI believes we have the precise strategy, team and with the right investor(s) we are very well positioned to take full advantage of these opportunities.    

In conclusion, KSSI has clearly identified gaps in the current Infrastructure and Service markets and we believe that the time is now right to enter the market and to capitalize on these gaps. 

If you are an investor and KSSI appears to be the right fit for your portfolio contact us and lets discuss working together.

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